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{ just and loyal }

im fucking tired of being sick or having something wrong with me. jfc. life is scary enough already without mystery illnesses fucking with me. 

i always forget a few irl people follow my tumblr and i hope i scare them.

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don’t ever fucking tell me you’re going to do something for me or with me and then not follow through. even the little things will make me not trust you AT ALL. 

can we not with the whole nausea thing, body?

list of things that were given to me this weekend:

I don’t come into your bathroom and reorganize your space, so why is it okay for you to do that to me?????? also I don’t appreciate finding organized piles of my things displayed on the ground, its fucking obnoxious. I can’t stand it. its so passive aggressive and I can’t fucking do it. I also don’t appreciate it when I walk in the door and you immediately criticize me for not doing something I didn’t know I needed to do. I am not a fucking mind reader, I can’t magically know every little chore you want me to do. AND IM GONNA BE A FUCKING BITCH RIGHT NOW AND SAY THAT MY JOB IS HARDER THAN YOURS. OKAY. FUCK YOU. my job is mentally and physically exhausting. all you do is sit in an office chair talking to traders about wood, emailing and yelling at the boys for forgetting to do something. and fuck you very much for expecting me to GIVE UP SLEEP which I need to function like a normal human just so that I can clean the house for someone I didn’t even know was going to be here until today. that’s fucked up. I’m so fucking tired of this. fuck you for coming off like you don’t think anything I do here or at work is important. and double fuck you for coming off like you don’t care that I NEED to make time to write because itS THE THING I WANT TO DO FOR A LIVING. it makes me feel small, insignificant and untalented. so thanks.

I really need to find a different place of comfort for when I’m feeling off. I can’t go to Barnes and noble at all hours.

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it always comes down to “I asked you to do something and you forgot to do it for one day because you had other things to do” or “I work more hours than you, therefore my job is harder”

hey guess what? fuck you. fuck you. fuck you very much.

I want someone to come along and make me forget every boy I’ve ever dated up until that point.
even j, I would love to be able to get over j

all boys are insignificant until proven otherwise.

and don’t let any of them tell you differently.

you are bigger than the universe says you are.

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